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Pool issues

Greetings Heatherwood. It has come to the Board’s attention that there have been continued violations of our pool policies. Many have been submitted by formal complaints. The key fobs provide a log of pool usage that can be used to verify who was at the pool at a specific time of a violation complaint. The board voted to approve an expedited violation process specific to the pool which will allow us to turn off any key fob.  
As for the violations, here is the behavior which needs to be changed.
•    Guests, 4 guests per home and the resident/co-owner must be present with their guests.
•    Food. No food on the pool deck.
•    Pets. No pets on the pool deck.
•    Proper swimwear. No street clothes in the pool. Please wear clean swimwear, items specific to the pool.
•     Floats and toys. Basic floaties necessary for safety are just fine. No large swim floats are permitted. Please be courteous of other swimmers.
•     Showering before entering pool. We realize many may shower right before coming down to the pool. Keep in mind the point. You bring to the pool with you, your body oils, cosmetics, hair products, general grime etc. Just because a pool has chlorine and a pump, does not make it a human sanitizer. That puts more wear on our filtration and cleaning systems. Please be clean when you enter the pool.
Thank you,
Heatherwood Board of Directors

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