Resident's FAQ

What day is trash pickup?

Trash is picked up on Mondays by Stevens Disposal. Trash can be placed out after 6 p.m. Sunday onday evening in a trash can or black heavy-duty garbage bag. In case of a Monday holiday, trash is to be picked up on Tuesday at the same time.

Is curbside recycling offered at Heatherwood?

Yes, recycling is available. Recycling bins are picked up Monday mornings and may be placed out after 6 p.m. on Sundays. If you can't find your bin, you can contact Stevens Disposal at 1-800-779-0344 or 734-856-8451. There is a $10 delivery fee. Please remember, bins must remain in the unit if you move.

Is bulk pickup available for trash?

Yes, but there are fees involved. Small appliances (microwaves) are $5, Washers, dryers, dishwater and ovens are $20. Refrigerator and hot water tanks cost $30 for pickup. Beds range between $10 and $15 depending on size. Carpet (cut into 4-foot sections) is $2. To arrange for bulk pick up, call Stevens Disposal at 734-856-8451. You will be required to pay them for each bulk item picked up.

What are the local utility companies?

Electricity and gas are provided by DTE, which can be contacted at 800-477-4747. Water & Sewer is provided by Pittsfield Township and is paid via your association dues. Comcast and AT&T Uverse are the local cable companies. Dish and Direct TV provide satellite television service. Phone service is available from AT&T, Comcast and other providers.

What school district are we in?

Heatherwood is part of the Ann Arbor Public School district. For more information, you can check out their website at: Ann Arbor Schools.

Am I in Ann Arbor or Pittsfield Township? Which one do I vote in?

Heatherwood Association is located in Pittsfield Township (outside of Ann Arbor city limits) and just south of I-94. Township information, including voting precenticts, can be obtained at the Pittsfield Township Clerk's Office by calling (734) 822-3120. Or check out the website.

What are the pool hours? Is there a lifeguard?

Pool hours are 9 a.m.-10 p.m. during the summer months. The pool opens Memorial Weekend and generally closes for the season around Labor Day. There is no lifeguard.

Who do I call when I have a problem with my condo?

If the problem is within the walls, contact Kramer-Triad at 734-973-5500, if the call is after hours, follow the prompts. For more information, please see our Matrix.

What color is used for the garage doors?

Duration exterior satin from Sherwin Williams in the stock, off the shelf white.

Who can use guest parking?

Guest parking is only for guests. A guest is considered to be anyone visiting a co-owner/resident and not residing at Heatherwood longer than 72 hours. Residents cannot use guest parking. Each resident has two parking spots, one in their garage and one in front of it. Residents who use guest parking will receive a violation notice. Upon accumulation of the third violation notice their vehicle will be towed without notice. Overflow parking are spots set aside for both guests and residents. These are not to be used to store vehicles.

I'm renting a unit at Heatherwood, do these rules apply to me?

All co-owners, tenants, and residents must abide by the Heatherwood bylaws and handbook. Your landlord should have provided you with information about Association rules. For a copy of our bylaws and handbook, please see the links at left.

Can I install a satellite dish?

Yes, but a modification request must be submitted with a drawing/picture of where the dish will be placed. For more information, please see the Satellite Dish form.

Can I have a grill or fire pit on my deck or porch?

Gas and electric grills are allowed. Charcoal and portable pits and fire pits are prohibited by law. Residents using them face both a violation from the association and a citation from the Pittsfield Fire Marshall.

I'm going to rent out my unit, do I need to notify the association?

Yes, you need to fill out a lease form with the assocation, as required by our bylaws and Michigan state laws. Also, you need to fill out a rental unit registration form with the Pittsfield Township Housing Department. For more information, click here. Nightly or short-term Airbnb rentals are not allowed.

Can I have a garage sale in Heatherwood?

Garage sales are not allowed in Heatherwood. If you have items for sale, you could try or the classifies in the, or a local consignment shops.

Is there a park or playscape nearby?

Heatherwood Condos does not have a park, but there are plenty of activities in Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township for children. Ann Arbor has a spring catalog out for its Rec & Ed. For more information on that, see their site. For information on Park and Recreation programs in Pittsfield Township, call the recreation department at 734-822-2120.